Archer Pechawis

Curating and Conserving New Media Symposium, Banff Centre 1998

"Binary" was a short performance I did to preface a panel talk at the Curating and Conserving New Media Symposium. Although a minor work, I include it here because it is one of my favourites. An audio recording of the piece can be found below.

Format of the performance

I typed out the words and vocables to "Wunisca", a traditional Cree song, and put the text file on a floppy disc. To begin the performance I slotted the disc in a Macintosh computer, which was connected to a data projector and PA. In view of the audience I dragged the text file to the desktop of the Mac and had it "sing" the song (via the old OS 9 "Text to Speech" option), while I ejected the floppy, lit it on fire, and smudged with the smoke. A high-tech variation on the oldest Indian joke in the book.


Click the play button to listen

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